What is a CAM Walker / Moon Boot?


What is a CAM Walker?

A Controlled Ankle Movement (CAM) Walker AKA Moonboot is designed to immobilise and offload the ankle & foot allowing damaged bone or soft-tissues to heal.

Why have I been prescribed a CAM walker?

Whether you have sustained a severe ligament/tendon overstrain, tear or rupture, fractured a foot/ankle bone or have a non-healing chronic wound a CAM walker will prevent excessive loading and movement of the affected tissues supporting healing. CAM Walker wear is typically part of longer term management in conjunction with a subjective rehabilitation plan. Conditions or injuries commonly involving CAM walker immobilisation in treatment include:

  • Severe ankle sprain involving ligament tear or rupture.
  • Achilles tendinitis/tendinopathy.
  • Achilles tendon rupture.
  • Stress fracture.
  • Sesamoiditis.
  • Post foot surgery.
  • Chronic non healing wounds.

Features including velcro fastening permitting removal for showering, rocker bottom sole enabling crutch-less ambulation and adjustable padding facilitating custom fit are advantageous over alternate methods of immobilisation such as plaster casting.

Potential risks of a CAM Walker?

​Due to the thicker CAM Walker sole you may experience a change in gait leading to strain of the knees, hips or lower back, this can be mitigated by wearing a supportive shoe with a similar sole thickness on the opposite foot. Likewise care must be taken on slippery/uneven surfaces or climbing stairs to avoid falls. We additionally advise against driving while wearing your CAM walker. Immobilisation in conjunction with injury can increase the risk of clot formation (Deep vein Thrombosis), if you feel abnormal pain or swelling in your leg additional to existing injury related pains, remove the walker immediately and present to your nearest hospital or GP.

What happens at the end of the wear period?

Before ceasing CAM Walker wear you are required to visit your prescribing practitioner for assessment to determine if adequate healing has occurred and if rehabilitation can then commence. Often an X-ray, diagnostic Ultrasound and/or physical re-examination is required to establish if sufficient healing of the damaged tissues has occurred.

Where to purchase a CAM walker?

​CAM Walkers can be purchased in our Tumut Clinic and should be fitted by a trained practitioner (Podiatrist or Physiotherapist) to ensure appropriate fit and offloading. ​

At Rural Health our Podiatrist & Physio are experienced in prescription and fit of CAM Walkers. For further information, injury assessment or CAM Walkers fit and issue book online or phone 02 5926 3806.

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