Wart treatment – Falknor’s dry needling


What is it? Falknor’s Dry Needling is a surgical procedure in which the wart (verruca) is punctured with a sterile needle repetitively producing bleeding and stimulation of the body’s immune system to recognise and respond to the Human Papilloma Virus.

Is it painful? This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic blocking pain. Anaesthetic action typically lasts one hour although patients report post operative pain experienced is very low.

What is the advantage of this procedure? There are many wart treatment options although the results are mixed, the treatments are often painful and they often require several consultations. Wart needling is an effective treatment, often working following the first treatment. Protective dressings can be removed within one-to-three days post procedure permitting return to regular duties. A review consult is held eight weeks post procedure to assess treatment success.

Risks and complications of the procedure? Although carried out with due care the possible complications of this and any procedure involving injections include infection, bleeding, bruising or an unexpected reaction to the anaesthetic. Strict surgical procedure ensuring sterility are undertaken to ensure risk of complication is minimal.

If it does not work, what are my options? The treatment is typically repeated for a second session, on review after the second wart needling session if a positive outcome is not achieved alternate treatments are considered.

Will I need to take a pain killer afterwards? These are generally not necessary and anti-inflammatories should be avoided as this can reduce the body’s immune response and therefore success of the treatment.

How successful is the treatment? Warts are a notorious source of frustration for both practitioners and patients alike, as no single treatment is completely effective for all patients. Studies indicate Falknor’s Dry Needling is 70% successful in the treatment of persistent warts and offers a high level of treatment efficacy compared to alternate therapies.

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