Wart treatment – curettage


What is it? Curettage is a procedure performed under local anaesthesia​ in which your Podiatrist will surgically remove the affected wart tissue and cauterise the site to prevent reoccurrence.

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What is the advantage of this treatment?
Curettage is a relatively quick in consult surgical procedure, once local anesthetic is administered procedural pain is significantly reduced. Warts are difficult to treat and curettage is typically considered if topical treatments have failed. Studies report a success rates of 65% to 85% making curettage a viable treatment option.

Is it painful?
To lessen pain during procedure local anaesthetic is administered prior too commencing. There may be some moderate pain during local anesthetic administration although this will typically pass quickly as local anesthetic takes affect. Depending on the location of the wart your foot will typically be anaesthetized at the level of the ankle, your foot and the surgical site will typically be numb for 1 hour after the procedure.

Risks and complications of the procedure? Possible complications of this treatment include infection, reoccurrence, ulcer formation and scarring. Scarring and/or wart recurrence are reported to occur in up to 30% of patients. As this procedure involves local anesthetic administration you will need to arrange for transportation to and from our rooms on the day of surgery. During the procedure our Podiatrists take care to not go deeper than the epidermal/dermal layer which reduces risk of scarring and you will be provided strict post procedure care instructions to reduce risk of complications.

You must not use this treatment if:

  • You have poor circulation
  • Are living with diabetes
  • Experience needle phobia
  • Take anti-coagulants

If it does not work, what are my options? Healing of the site typically takes 7-14 days, at 2 weeks post procedure you will return for review. Wart curettage has a high success rate eradicating warts. However, there is always a chance for resistant warts to return especially when you are on immunosuppressive drugs and have diminished immune system, in case of reoccurrence further treatment options can be discussed.

Our Podiatrists are experienced in the treatment of persistent warts and can discuss which option will best suit you, for further information phone 02 5926 3806

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