Wart treatment – Cryotherapy


What is it? Cryotherapy involves Podiatrist application of a liquid cryogen too wart tissue. The resultant freeze/thaw cycle causes the infected cells to rupture. This release is then recognised by your bodies immune system with a positive response seeing your body fight the human papillomavirus virus and the affected tissue blistering away.

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What is the advantage of this treatment?
Cryotherapy is a relatively quick in consult treatment, studies indicate a cure rate of 75%.

Is it painful? There may be some moderate pain during the treatment and post treatment as the site beings to thaw, pain management options can be discussed with your Podiatrist prior to treatment.

Risks and complications of the procedure? Possible complications of this treatment include skin irritation, pain, ulceration, blistering, altered pigmentation and scarring. To prevent complications our Podiatrists will apply protection to the surrounding skin pre-treatment and give strict post treatment care instructions.

You must not use this treatment if:

  • You’ve had a previous adverse reaction to cryotherapy
  • Have poor circulation
  • Have diabetes
  • Have dark skin

If it does not work, what are my options? Healing of the site typically takes 7-14 days, at 2 weeks post procedure you will return for review where further freezing will be performed if required. If treatment has failed after several sessions alternate therapies include Falknor’s Needling or Topicals should be considered

Our Podiatrists are experienced in the treatment of persistent warts and can discuss which option will best suit you, for further information phone 02 5926 3806

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