Part 3 – Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring strains are a common injury we see in the clinic. They refer to an excessive stretch or tearing of the muscle fibers in the hamstring. This is one of the most common non-contact injuries to occur within sports, particularly those which involve high speed running, jumping and kicking.

Mild to moderate strains may take 3-8 weeks to heal, while higher grade strains may take 3-4 months depending on the severity.

For someone who has experienced a hamstring strain there is an increased risk of recurrent hamstring injury so it is important to follow a thorough return to sport plan. When planning rehabilitation to return to sport it is important to consider:

  • Restoring muscle strength to a minimum of 90% compared to the non affected side
  • Building muscular endurance and ability to perform under fatigue
  • Assessing muscular power
  • Running, jumping and landing techniques
  • Assessment of apprehension and psychological readiness to perform at high speeds

Return to sport can take anywhere from weeks to months depending on the severity of the injury. Our Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiology team are equipped with the knowledge to guide your hamstring rehabilitation and injury prevention program.

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