Part 1: Vivobarefoot – Primus Trail FG


Vivobarefoot – Primus Trail FG (Podiatrist Evan’s last pair of trail shoes)

As a true minimalist shoe the primus trail FG adds protection and grip, no more or no less. It has no midsole or any other cushioning layer just a thin insole that provides subtle comfort to the underfoot and absorbs odour with no reduction to ground feedback.

It includes quick-drain zones which efficiently purge water, helping the foot dry quickly in cases of total immersion often unavoidable on our local trails through the winter months. A neoprene ankle collar is present, serving as a snug buffer, preventing debris from entering the shoe while also maintaining the mobility of the runner and contributing to ankle proprioception (balance).

The ultra thin puncture resistant sole adequately protects the foot on variable terrain, loose rock, sticks and roots while allowing the foot to accurately sense minute changes in surface and move freely to respond to technical terrain. The aggressive Vibram sole lug provides good traction in soft and loose terrain, this has been my go to on soft ground trail runs and undulating terrain.

These are more of a niche shoe and won’t be found in your standard footwear shop, to find out more or order head to

Stay tuned for part 2 & part 3 of the trail trilogy…

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