Custom orthotics – Richie brace


Are you living with foot drop, chronic ankle instability, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, or even complex neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy or post stoke neurological change?

​At Rural Health we have a lightweight and comfortable solution that will fit within your everyday footwear, aiding in restoring mobility!

More than just your every day ankle brace or foot orthotic, the Richie Brace is a custom option for difficult to treat foot and ankle conditions. It is normally prescribed for problems such as foot drop, chronic ankle instability and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, and even complex neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy or post stroke neurological damage.

The Richie Brace is a revolutionary treatment option available through our Podiatry service here at Rural Health. Designed to be lightweight, comfortable and fit easily into everyday footwear, it is a much more discrete yet functional brace for everyday wear. Challenging pathologies which historically would be referred on for surgery can now often be managed through a conservative option, avoiding the need for invasive surgery.

The slogan associated with the Richie Brace, “Restoring Mobility”, could not be more accurate. With trademark components including a custom moulded foot bed and the patient specific hinge joint designed to support the ankle joint.

When getting assessed and fitted for a Richie Brace your Podiatrist will take plaster moulds of your feet and ankles, while carefully measuring the ankle structures to allow creation of a brace that is perfectly tailored to suit you. This is not an over the counter, one size fits all – and as everyone is different this is what we love about it! We can essentially create a brace that performs the job of your ankle for you, allowing chronic injuries the chance to heal while allowing you to get on with daily life as normal as possible.
Over time once injuries have healed and have been adequately rehabilitated many patients are able to discontinue use of the Richie Brace. However, in the case of more complex conditions that are unlikely to resolve, the Richie Brace is a perfect aid to maintaining close to normal function. We believe this is imperative in maintaining our patient’s independence which is always a high priority in our treatment goals.

If you or someone you know has a foot or ankle problem they have been struggling to find a solution for, the Richie Brace may just be the solution!

​For all enquires regarding the Richie Brace call Rural Health on (02) 5926 3806 and book a consult with one of our experienced Podiatrists.

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