Client Spotlight – Shirlee

⭐ Client Spotlight!! ⭐ 🦵 Shirlee has just completed our 6 Week Falls Prevention Program! This program involves a targeted…

Concussion Syndrome

Concussion occurs when a mechanical force transmitted to the brain causes disruption to normal cellular activity. When a mechanical force…

2022 Pain Awareness Week

National Pain Week is an annual awareness event coordinated each year by Chronic Pain Australia, this year it falls between…

Mens Health Week 2022

This week is Mens Health Week and research indicates that only 17% of men are reaching exercise guidelines. Lack of…
Cystic Fibrosis

Physical Activity and Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a hereditary disease which causes the body to produce excessively thick mucus. This has significant consequences…

Anzac Day 2022

Monday 25th of April this year marked the 107th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing of WW1. It was wonderful to…

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