Archies – Foot Friendly Thongs!


They look like regular thongs…but they are better for your feet!! Archies! With arch support built up an extra 2.2cm they are designed to position the foot in a more biomechanically efficient posture. This reduces the stress and strain placed on the musculoskeletal system from the ground up.

I am sure we have all experienced tired feet after a long day in thongs or even barefoot. The reason this happens is because when the foot has no support the arch and ankle can roll too far inward, a movement referred to as “pronation”. This can have effects further up the kinetic chain at the knees, hips and lower back as well.

Do you experience pain in these areas? If so it may be time to check the support from your footwear.

Additional to the increased arch support, Archies are constructed of a specialised, closed cell foam formulated to mould to your foot over time making them super comfortable. They have a firm strap design, ensuring you don’t subconsciously claw your toes to hold your thongs to your feet. Toe clawing is a terrible habit associated with flat thongs and can lead to toe deformities long term. Being very lightweight, you will barely notice they’re even on.

While thongs will never be recommended footwear from your podiatrist, the Archies are a great compromise for those times we just need a pair of quick slip-on shoes for convenience. They can also be a fantastic adjunct relief in cases where it is painful to go barefoot around the house, Archies are a great source of cushioning and support inside the home when slippers are not an option in the warmer months.

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