Allied health jobs in the country

When you think of a Rural Allied Health position what comes to mind?

At Rural Health our Allied health Practitioners love living and playing in the Snowy Valleys. Away from work the country lifestyle doesn’t get any better, fresh air, crystal clear rivers and mountain ranges as fas as the eye can see! But did you know that when you pursue a healthcare career regionally or rurally you can open up many opportunities for rapid growth and carer progression….

At Rural Health we work in a close knit multidisciplinary team, breaking down the silos between professions in a ‘true’ team environment. Complex cases aren’t daunting when you’ve got a diverse team of experts around you forming the solution together and as a close team we understand each disciplines role and resources improving our care outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Did you know, working rurally every year you are eligible for NSW RDN HWSP $10k scholarship or bursary to pursue further study.

As a Podiatrist this could be…
1. Prescribing endorsement
2. Expanding your treatment modalities with prolotherapy or dry needling courses
3. Gain strength and conditioning accreditation

As a Physiotherapist this could be…
1. Pursuing a speciality with Women’s health, lymphedema, paediatric or sports APA titling
2. Gaining strength & conditioning accreditation
3. Becoming a certified Pilates instructor

As a Exercise Physiologist this could be…
1. Drug and alcohol collection / testing certification
2. Pilates mat & equipment accreditation
3. Strength & conditioning accreditation

Professional progression is important, it is a big component of job satisfaction! Joining a team that will guide and support you to reach your goals is important. Growth is a core value at Rural Health, we want you to become the best therapists you can be, but more importantly, we want to nurture happy and fulfilled humans.

A move rurally can be daunting, but eligibility for $2K NSW RDN relocation grants will help you (and your significant others) to migrate to the Snowy Valleys and start living your best life!

If you are interested in practicing rurally head to Join Our Team to see our current openings, we’d love to hear from you!

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