Active Ageing – Ella’s work placement experience!


Over the past months Ella Bradshaw, Year 10 work experience student has helped Brodie Palmer (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) deliver our group exercise sessions and has learnt about the considerable benefits of exercise for over 65’s.

​Read on to hear from Ella the what, why and when on Active Ageing…

What are the benefits of exercise for people over 65 years of age?
Studies have shown that maintaining a regular exercise regime when you are over the age of 65 will decrease the likelihood of acquiring certain diseases. It can improve your mental health, by staying regularly active and putting it in your routine it can make your day a whole lot better. Another great thing is that it can decrease the risk of falls, by staying healthy the likelihood of having falls is less than the normal rate. ​

​What type of exercise is the best?
Water aerobics is the best exercise for people over 65. It can give you a range of motion that you can’t have out of the water. The water takes off some pressure that makes it easier for your body to be able to move better, it gives you a certain motion that you may no longer be able to use on land. Another great one is walking, it doesn’t have to be to extreme levels just as long as you are moving at least every day. There are some beautiful walking areas around our town that makes it so much better.

Pain or health issues making it hard to exercise?
Seeing an Exercise Physiologist (EP) about health or joint issues would be your best bet, seeing an EP comes with many great things such as:

  • Giving you an exercise program to follow
  • Weekly check ins
  • Friendly advice
  • Group sessions for added social benefits
  • Getting you fitter and stronger
  • Helping you with rehabilitation

This is why you should come and join our group sessions which happen every week.

Like the sound of that?
Accredited Exercise Physiologist (Brodie) with my help (Ella) will be running weekly Active Ageing groups for those over the age of 65 throughout the year.

​A short assessment is required before joining the groups. Call us on 02 5926 3806 a call to find out more and book your assessment.

Look forward to seeing you there!

If you are in pain, or have an injury – let us help!

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