Medicine Students Visit Bush Clinics!

Exercise Physiology Student Placement

Today we were lucky enough to have Asher and Georgie in! 🌟

They are both studying a Doctor of Medicine in Sydney, and are recipients of the Bush Bursary scholarship through the Rural Doctors Network. The goal of this program is to experience medicine in rural and remote settings. 🌾🩺

They have been spending time at GP clinics, the local hospital, the Aboriginal Health Service and today spent some time with us. They came into the clinic to appreciate the work of Allied Health workers whom they will be working with closely in the future. They shadowed Brodie our Exercise Physiologist and Jill our Podiatrist. 🎉

Asher and Georgie also joined Brodie for Active Farmers at Adelong on Monday afternoon so came in today with some sore legs but still managed to beat Brodie in the gym. 💪🏻

If you are in pain, or have an injury – let us help!

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